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FDA reveals SIX banned drugs on sale in Ghana – Rockman, Angel included

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has named Rockman Capsules and Angel Capsules among six drugs listed as dangerous for consumption even though they are on sale in the Ghanaian market.

The authority has said that the said drugs have been banned from sales on the market due to the dangerous effect it can have on the consumer, stating that they are deadly.

Mr Hudu Magtari, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a press statement ha stated that, the said drugs are meant for curing erectile dysfunction among males.

He furtber stated that the drugs are poisonous due to the chemical content it contains.

They are said to contain Vardenafil which has the potential of causing severe health complications like bleeding in the brain, heart attack, kidney disease, issues with sight and hearing.

The press statement further read, “The general public is therefore advised not to patronize the above-listed medicines”, further revealing that unauthorised sales of drugs on the market remains one of the challenges of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The said drugs are:

1. Rockman Capsules manufactured by Rockman Capsules Limited

2. Mars for men imported by Joe D. Ventures

3. Tinatett Be4 Be4 herbal capsules manufactured by Tinatett Herbal manufacturing and Marketing Co. Ltd

4. Angel Natural Capsules manufactured by Dependable Pharmacy Ltd

5. Laud P Capsules manufactured by Dependable Pharmacy Ltd

6. Laud P. Capsules manufactured by Stephen Gyan Herbal Centre

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