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Moth officially named after Donald Trump

A new species has been named after Donald Trump.

In an unexpected addition to his legacy, the billionaire soon-to-be president has given his name to a moth.

The newly discovered insect, now known as Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, looks strikingly similar to the politician, with its bright blonde crown of ‘hair’ and beady eyes.

Its habitat is Southern California in the US and Baja California in Mexico – whereas the real Donald Trump prefers to reside in New York, although he will soon be relocated to the White House.

Evolutionary biologist Dr Vazrick Nazari described his discovery in the latest edition of the open access journal Zookeys.

Dr Vazrick Nazari came up with the name, hoping that it could attract publicity to the moth, which is an endangered species.

There is a critical need for further conservation efforts for fragile areas that make up its habitat, he said.

He discovered the moth while examining specimens at the Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California.

When he saw this one, he realised it didn’t match any previously know species. It has now been recognised as the second species of a genus of twirler moths.

You can recognise it by the yellowish-white scales present on the head in adults.




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