Sixty-three school children and security personnel collapsed at the 61st Independence Day parade in Kumasi in the Ashanti region on Tuesday, 6 March 2018.

Head of the Medical team, Dr Appiah Kubi who confirmed the number of fall outs and said some of the contingents especially the pupils did not eat while others were already sick before joining the parade.

He indicated that some of the security personnel including soldiers, police, fire service among others consumed energy drinks too early in the morning and as a result, exhausted their energies within two hours.

“The senior people like the GPRTU and the security personnel, some of them when they are coming they want extra energy, so, they take energy drinks but the energy drink can exhaust all the energy in you for up to maybe two hours. So, it [will first] boosts your energy, and then uses all your energy in you and your energy begins to drop suddenly,” he said.

This year’s Independence Day celebration was under the theme: “Ghana Beyond Aid”.