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Why peter Mac Manu was rejected

National Security Service ( Kenya) acting upon intelligence, denied Mr Mac Manu (NPP Campaign Manager 2016 election), entry into Kenya. The intelligence report, corroborated by numerous security sources, reveals that the The Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) an association of rightists/conservative political parties in various African countries on whose ticket Mr Mac Manu was traveling to Kenya as an observer of the elections, and the National Super Alliance (NASA) led by opposition leader Raila Odinga are doing everything possible to manipulate the Kenyan election in favour of the National Super Alliance (NASA) and its Presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The Democratic Party, is the Democrat Union of Africa’s affiliate party in Kenya but the National Super Alliance (NASA) is currently enjoying  DUA support because of the alliance of the rightist/conservative inclined political parties led by Raila Odinga. The Democrat Union of Africa, offered same support to Mr Kikabi when he stood on the ticket of the Democratic Party.

The intelligence reveals that, the consultant who worked with the Nigerian All Progressive Congress to get Buhari elected were subsequently drafted to Ghana to work for the election of Nana Akufo-Addo. The current target is to get Uhuru Kenyatta out and have Raila Odinga elected.


The modus operandi have been the same. Hurl unsubstantiated allegations of corruption, use social media to churn out fake news, make heavenly promises of jobs, accuse the electoral commission of collusion with government, reject the voters register and prepare the mind the people’s that the only GENUINE outcome of the election is for Raila to be elected. The opposition is playing to exactly the same script. They just “adopt a polling station” same strategy used by ACP (Nigeria) and Npp (Ghana).

Indeed Nana Akufo-Addo, sent an invitation to Raila Odinga to attend his inauguration and left out Uhuru Kenyatta the President. It was only when the protocol breach was noticed, that an invitation was scrambled to Uhuru at the last moment. Uhuru refused to attend and sent his Vice President William Ruto instead.

The Kenyan National Security is not unaware of the conspiracy among right wing parties to bring about regime change in Kenya after Nigeria and Ghana. The Kenyan National Security in collaboration with other international security agencies has instituted measures to check activities of the DUA and persons whose activities could spark violence in Kenya. Knowing Mac Manu’s profile as former Chair of Npp and his role in achieving regime change in Ghana, there is no doubt their [KNS] antenna must have been tingling when he suddenly appeared at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport to observe the Kenyan elections.



The Intelligence report reveals the plans of ousting the Uhuru administration by use of mass protest, public disobedience, bloodbath, allegations of corruption, etc.

The Uhuru administration has been accused excessive borrowing, with an estimate that it has borrowed much more than the accumulative amount borrowed by all past governments since independence. Same untruth was peddled in the media by the ACP and Npp which. Investments made from the loans such as investment in infrastructure, Mombasa railway etc, are not mentioned by the opposition. Recently, John Githongo said the Uhuru administration was “the most corrupt in Kenya’s history”.  In 2015, Mr Kenyatta did act, he suspended and eventually removed five ministers and other high ranking officials over corruption allegations but this bold initiative which improved Kenya’s standing in the latest Transparency International was misinterpreted by the opposition and its allies.





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