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NDC Government ignored our views – Nana Kweku Agyemang

Eminent Sports Journalist Nana Kwaku Agyemang who doubles up as an astute NDC member says the NDC was not a Socialist Government as it is one of their core believes.

According to him, the general public overlooked massive infrastructural development in favour of voting for a different political party to be in power.

As NDC is a listening Government, a grass root party and a Socialist Democratic Party forgot these values totally and has reflected in the elections, as electorates did not see the party to be a socialist instead of voting they stayed in the comfort of their homes.

Responding to a question on Ahotor FM’s Morning Show segment, “360 Politics” hosted by Akyena Brantuo.

Nana said, “the Former government did not widely open their doors, rather they ignored our views and at the end of the day we became disillusioned. The socialism they boasted of does not exist as at the end of the day there is no jobs.”

“The potential of Ghana is fantastic and we have to give everyone a fighting chance.” He added.


Abigail Abeka||Ghana

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