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JM has nothing new to offer -NDC’S Dela Coffie

Why should I waste my time on a pretzel brain who’s clearly losing what’s left of his twisted dry salty mind? 

Again, why should I waste my time on small fishes when there is a bigger one to fry? 


In fact, I decided to call a snub of his mindless drivel at me but upon a second thought, let me reiterate this point; no one can shut me up as far as NDC politics is concerned. Not even the entire state machinery under Mills was able to do that let alone Stan Dogbey/Omane Boamah errand boys and girls.


When some of us came on the political scene during the dark days of opposition politics, most of these boys were still in “political diapers.”

Intriguingly, one such character claim he has what it takes to shut me up.


Isn’t it amazing how fooled some of these JM hangers-on are? They are so desperate to keep their trailer park King that they will believe their own lies just so they can continue to remain relevant to the politics of the NDC.


Look at their insane behaviour? Attacking every and anyone who dare to offer critique of the failed Mahama leadership. Over the last six months, almost all of them are quick to refer to people who genuinely have varied opinion against JM’s come back as FONKAR people, haters and traitors. And they are everywhere telling the rest of us how great the comeback of Mahama would be.


The sad thing is that if you pulled each one of them aside individually and asked them to tell you exactly the case that needs to be made for the comeback of JM, they won’t be able to tell you. They act like a bunch of sheep and follow one voice and they don’t even know why they are following that voice.


Let me repeat what they don’t want to hear;


The NDC must look beyond 2020, and this outlook may require JM giving way for a fresh candidate with unblemished track record to challenge the NPP.


It doesn’t take a genius to know this, but they’re probably not bright enough to figure that out.


The latter day John Mahama advocates needs to stop putting their heads up their asses and listen to voices other than theirs; JM just doesn’t wield the political might to coalesce party and country together. We all saw it under his tenure as President. Another attempt by him to lead the NDC means long years in opposition for the party.


People haven’t really analysed the dynamics which played out in the last elections. If in spite of all the massive infrastructural developments, and the advantages of incumbency, JM was rejected with such a humiliating electoral outcome, what makes his 2020 comeback plausible?


And how could anyone with his head properly placed say that without JM and his works, whoever lead the party in 2020 would have no leg to stand on?

For decency sake, the NDC has produced three former presidents and whenever a new leader emerges, he always run on the records of his predecessor. Before Prof Mills, was Jerry John Rawlings and the new leader for 2020 will definitely run on JM/NDC records just as JM also campaigned on Prof Mills’ records.


It has always being about the NDC and future leaders will continue to run on the party’s record.


I understand there are many folks who still believe in him. That’s okay. But at present, I’m clear in my mind the NDC needs new leader.


Truth is, JM has nothing to offer that we haven’t seen already in the last 4years. His 2020 comeback is dead on arrival, it just needs to be cremated, and then buried.


Let’s get on with it.


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