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Jireh Microfinance Ltd organizes business forum for its customers

Jireh Microfinance Company Ltd, which is one of the leading Microfinance companies in the country in its efforts to encourage financial literacy, has organized a business forum for its customers dubbed “DWADIE NKOMO” in Accra.

Many customers, especially in the retail segment are unable to manage their businesses on sound business principles and ethical values. The program was, therefore, organized to equip the participants with basic skills that would enable them to manage their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Leading the discussion, the Managing Director of the company Mrs. Akorfa Ahiafor introduced the participants to business essentials on Management, Capital, Record Keeping and Control, Product Development and pricing, customer service and business environment.


Mrs. Ahiafor highlighted the benefits that participants and their businesses stand to gain by keeping proper accounting records on their operations. Proper Book-Keeping, she reiterated enables the company as well as other financial institutions to make informed decisions when customers apply for credit facilities.


She also entreated the customers to cultivate the culture of savings which she said required discipline and commitment to undertake.

Mrs. Ahiafor used the occasion to answer many questions regarding the microfinance industry and urged the participants to take advantage of the Customer Recourse Mechanism which has been introduced by the Bank of Ghana to lodge their complaints against financial institutions.

Participants expressed their delight at the program and encouraged the company to organize similar events periodically since the maiden edition has given them insight into many aspects of business management.

Jireh Microfinance Ltd was established in 2014 with a mission to provide timely financial intermediation with the dignity of the client in mind whiles ensuring a win-win financial gain.


The vision of the company is to be well recognized nationwide for excellence and as the benchmark to which all other microfinance companies would aspire.



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