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“Jesus Is In The UK;I Communicate With Him” – Peter Ocloo.

It is the expectation of every Christian that their saviour, Jesus Christ would return to this earth for the second time. However, when exactly he will return is what most (if not all Christians) do not know. In an interview with Ahotor FM’s OnantefuorAddae-Munumkum on “Ewiase Mu Nsem”, Messenger Peter Ocloo stated that the long awaited Jesus Christ has returned to this earth, for the second time, and he is living with us at this very moment.

Defending his statement, Messenger Peter Ocloo posited that Jesus is in the United Kingdom and he communicates with him often via email. According to him, he was a “free thinker” but faced with a lot of difficulties in life, this compelled him to move from one religion/faith to the other in quest for solution then someone introduced him to Christianity. After reading the Bible and other Christian books, Mr. Ocloo further claimed that through telepathy he was informed to search for a book, “the True Bible”, on the internet and it was through this that he found out that Jesus Christ is somewhere in the United Kingdom and lives there even at this very moment.

He mentioned that after finding the book on the internet and reading it, he realized it didn’t contain some Bible quotations which can be found in many other Bibles. This was what prompt him to do a follow up for further explanations. He sent an email to an address which was attached to the said True Bible and the feedback he received, he believes, was from Jesus Christ. He said the sender of the feedback made it clear that he was Jesus Christ and that he lives in the United Kingdom.

According to Messenger Ocloo, Jesus even gave him messages to be given to both the Ex President John Mahama and the current president, President Nana Akuffo Addo but he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to deliver those messages.

Peter Ocloo who postulates that he has been communicating with Jesus (from the UK) further added that there are other people who also communicate with his Jesus. He stated that though he has not met Jesus face to face, but he has a strong conviction that the person he communicates with is no fraudster or scammer but Jesus himself.

BY: Belinda B. Bekoe/

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