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I killed my own brother – a witch confesses

A 25 year old girl’s confession on the maiden edition of ‘Ewiase Mu Nsem’ on Ahotor FM 92.3 left most of our listeners in bewilderment. The program is aired on Fridays, between the hours of 7pm and 9pm. In narrating her story, the girl who identified herself as Janet, told Onantefour Addae-Mununkum, the host that she belongs to a witchcraft society and had been with it for about eleven (11) years now.

She said, it all started when she visited her grandmother at the age of fourteen, and she (the grandmother) gave her a gold necklace for a gift which contained witchcraft. She went on to say that, every evening the grandmother comes to wake her at night for a witchcraft meeting unknown  to her until she got to know with time that she was a witch.

According to her, the grandmother wants her to take control of the witchcraft group after her demise. She explained how she used the power given her by the grandmother to destroy many young girls in her community and her school, adding that any one she despises or ask her for food which she does not feel like given it, she will either transfer the witchcraft to such person or will deposit the spirit of lust in the one.  She caused many other atrocities, even killed her own brother through a motor accident .

But what hunt her now, which is given her sleepless night is the fact that the society she belongs to has place a request of bringing her mother for sacrifice but refused because of the love that exist between the mother and her. And this refusal has triggered the anger of the other witch members who want her dead

She further explained that she is in fright now bu she is not ready to give her mother away for sacrifice too hence her appearance on the show to seek for help and protection.

BY: Martha Narh Odikro/Ahotoronline.com

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