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Ghost Are Real – Pastor George

A ghost is believed to be the disembodied soul or spirit of a deceased person which appears after death. Time and again, we have heard and read about stories of ghosts and even seen them in movies but one cannot actually tell if ghosts really exist or these ghost stories are just myths. Recent news has it that the president of Brazil has vacated his place of resident because he claims he was been pursued by ghosts in some part of the house. This issue propelled Ahotor FM’s mid – morning show host, Yaw Nkrumah, to interview some spiritual men to find out if ghosts do exist or not. In this interview both Pastor George of Dynamic Power Ministries and Nana Boame a traditional priest, agreed that ghosts are real and do exist but one would need some special spiritual eyes in order to see them.

According to the pastor, the Bible justifies the fact that ghosts exist and are real. He however added that even though ghosts exist, one cannot see them with the physical eyes (because they are spirits) unless his eyes are “opened”, spiritually.

Supporting what pastor George had said, Nana Boame, a traditionalist also mentioned that indeed he believes and knows that ghosts are real and they exist but one cannot see ghosts unless he has some sort of special spiritual eyes. He added that a ghost would appear to you if only it wants you to see it.

Nana Boame also postulated that usually ghosts reveal themselves to people who did something bad to them while they lived as humans, on earth. He also made known of the fact that there are different types of ghosts and each type has its own way of appearing and why it appears to people.

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