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Business activities paralyzed in Kumasi by voting

Business and commercial activities in Kumasi, the nation’s second largest city, had been completely paralyzed as people streamed to the polling centres to vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The normal hustle and bustle at the Central Market and the Adum Business District was virtually absent as the shops remained closed.

Traders including plantain, yam, cocoyam and vegetable sellers, stayed away from their daily routine, to take part in the election.

The clogging of the roads in the metropolis – bumper-to-bumper traffic during the morning rush hours, was also not there.

Commercial drivers parked their taxis and buses to exercise their franchise.

Isaac Kwame Sarpong, a mini-bus driver, said he did not want to miss the opportunity to exercise his franchise.

It was not only the private sector operations that got crippled, work in public offices including the banks were also affected.

A banker, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) and asked that he was not mentioned because he was not authorized to give information to the media, said, it had been a boring day.

He said customers were neither coming in to deposit nor make withdrawals.

The reserve was the case a day to the election, where they saw a surge in bank transactions by clients.


Source: GNA

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