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Wa Market Records Low Food Patronage

Traders in the Wa Central business district are complaining about low patronage of food commodities.

While some attributed it to frequent price hikes, others believed that most farmers were still having enough in stock, a situation that dissuaded them from going in for more.

Several of the traders who spoke in Market Survey in the Upper West Regional capital during a Market Survey said the situation has impacted negatively on their sales and profit margins.

The Market survey looked at selected food commodities in the first quarter of 2018 as against 2017.

Madam Hanatu Abubakari, who sells cereals, said there had been no increase in patronage of her commodities before and after the Easter festivities.

According to her, despite the slight price increases in some commodities, others were having stable prices yet there had not been any increase in patronage comparing the first quarter of 2018 to that of 2017.

The survey revealed that the price of a bowl of ‘white beans’ shot up to GH¢ 10.00 from GH¢9.00 while a box of tomatoes now sold at GH¢ 70.00 as against GH¢ 65.00.

The price of maize went up marginally from GH¢3.50 to GH¢4.00 while a bowl of local rice rose from GH¢9.00 to GH¢10.00 with a bowl of wheat being sold at GH¢22.00.

Abdual-Karim Tendaana, another trader, said though his prices of goods remained same throughout the previous months, customers were not buying them.

The traders therefore called on duty-bearers and revenue collectors to explore innovative ways to help boost local markets before asking for taxes.

The rush for food stuff however increases in the months of June and July when most farmers and hoarders run out of stock.


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