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Rawlings hopes deadly robberies not politically motivated

Ex-President Jerry Rawlings has charged the security agencies to be up and doing as they owe the rest of the country a duty to keep everyone safe and secure. His charge follows what is turning out to be a daily trend of violent robberies attended by killings of victims in recent days.

In a tweet Thursday asking all security agencies to “confront this menace with utmost confidence and professionalism while ensuring that no one, high or low takes advantage of our vulnerabilities,” Rawlings also expresses worry that the recent robberies and killings don’t turn out to be anything else than what they appear – plain robberies.

“Let us hope the recent robbery and killings is downright plain robbery and not a politically motivated action from within or without, calculated to undermine those in charge of the security machinery in order to pave the way for certain parochial ambitions.”

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