One Week One Scandal- Ofosu Ampofo Jabs Nana Addo.

Director of elections and vice chairman of the National Democratic Congress Congress, Hon. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has given a comical description to the Nana Addo led administration during a radio program. Whilst responding to a variety of issues on “Oman yi mu nsem” morning show on ahotor fm on Thursday. The soft spoken vice chairman revealed to the listening audience that there is not a day passed without Ghanaians hearing of one scandalous act of governance bankruptcy or the other under the regime of President Nana Addo after assuming power on the 7th of January, 2017.

Hon. Ampofo asserted to the fact that, the current New Patriotic Party’s government is the only regime in the history of Ghana which has been braced and greeted with persistent scandals of many kind and forms of corrupt almost every week and therefore called on Ghanaians to judge them accordingly.

He explained that, the party is no longer interested in their own campaign promises which convinced Ghanaians to vote them into office. But they have suddenly resorted  to parroting propaganda as well as a litany of administrative ineptitudes which have become their stock in trade and advised that President Akufo Addo takes Ghanaians seriously.

The vice chairman of the NDC jibes the government for taken solace in the patience of the ordinary voter and rapping them with an avalanche of deceptions.

Moreso, he questioned the number of provisions of infrastructure the NPP promised  during their various campaigns in 2016 and asked how many have been delivered, since they provided timelines to that effect. Examples includes: The One Village , One Dam, One Constituency, One million dollars per year, Three hundred Community Day SHS amongst others.

He also remarked that, the government has gained notoriety for re- commissioning of previous projects, which was started and engineered by the past administration led by former President John Mahama and demanded the rational behind such practice by President Akufo Addo and noted that the development is unhealthy for our national growth.

He lambasted the government on the various scandals which have become an albatross on Ghanaians, such as ;the Kelni GvG scandal, BOST gate, Kenbond, Premixed diversions deal, overbloated contracts by some MMDAs, Current happenings at the GFA involving the Presidency, Massive graft at the Ports, issues of kickbacks and procurement scandals at ministries, corruption at some premier health facilities in the country, as well as many administrative setbacks which have become the bane of the government.

The politician cum business man, advised the president to eschew pettiness and trek on the path of solving the life threatening issues which is affecting the Ghanaian populace.

Cautioning the vice president Dr. Alhaji Mahoumod Bawumia, Hon. Samuel Ofosu, reminded him to stick to his mantra of ” arresting the cedi” since the cedi to dollar equivalent on the major currency market is nothing to write home about. And chronicled the ratio of 1 dollar equaled ghc4.80, in the currency trading market.

A situation the NDC scribe described as bad for the local economy and also has a rippling effects on the overall Gross Domestic Products (GDP) of the country, as well as possibly having a toll on the balance of payment deficits of the nation.

He again laughed at the President and veep as a ” walking contradiction” who know how to use a lot of rephrased gimmicks to deceive the people by given one promise to the other, but they have nothing to account for after 17 months in government.

Hon. Ampofo revealed and schooled Ghanaians that, they ought to demand accountability from people they elect into public office to serve and further hinted that, the mushrooming of scandals in the Akufo Addo administration is dwindling public confidence in the average politician.


Nana Dogbe/Ahotoronline.com

Posted by: Ivan-Kyei Innocent

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