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Agona M/A primary pupils study on bare floor.

The inadequacy of teaching and leaning materials as well as furniture in Agona M/A primary school in the Ahanta West Municipality of the western region has forced pupils to sit on unkempt surroundings and dirty floors during class hours. Similarly, Some of the pupils even stand with their books in their hands to enable them do class work.

When correspondent Portia Nana Yaa Cudjoe visited the school, she found that most classrooms have limited desk, which accommodate just half of the pupils in the classroom. Painstakingly, Some sit in three, four, and others five on a desk while the remaining sit on the floor in the same classroom when teaching is in session.

Investigations however revealed that, the jurisdiction of the school, situated in the community capital is just a tip of the iceberg as a number of basic schools in the Municipality lack furniture as well as other teaching and learning equipment.

Teachers of Agona M /A primary school, who are obviously not happy with the current situation, commented very sadly.

According to the teachers, if the situation is not addressed, it would not only affect the academic performance of the pupils but also expose them to severe health Hazards.

In an interview with the school health coordinator, Catherine Ndefo, she mentioned that, some of the pupils kneel to write as while others  stand. She said, over the past seven years, the School has been encountering such problems. The teachers therefore decided to go on strike but the chief of Agona Nana Eziaku IV intervened.


“In fact when school resumed on the first day we decided not to teach but again our CS intervened and now we are in the classroom but if the situation is not curbed we cannot stay here. Perhaps we are not needed to teach here” she stated profusely.

She concluded by pleading with the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Henrietta Mary Eyison and the NPP government to come to their aid, otherwise the teachers will be forced to apply for early transfer.


Story by : Portia Nana Yaa Cudjoe/

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