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You Are Your Content

Resist the temptation to read or listen to just anything. You are your content. 

Be selective and choose only what agrees with your doctrine and principles. If you will not write or say ‘that’ why should you feed on it when another person writes or say it? It is wrong.

Building a healthy , successful and spiritual personality is not an event. It is your daily contents, every second of exposure will ultimately become integral to that person.

Do you want to know why you behave that way: angry, abusive, critical, cynical and proud or why I am calm,  composed and refreshed? Simple. We are reading and listening to different things.

We are indeed our content. The doctor read materials on medicine became a doctor and the lawyer read law and became a lawyer.  Why the doctor is not a lawyer and the lawyer a doctor is a question of what they read and heard. This is true of every other discipline or profession. And even of illiterates, they did not read much.

Who do you want to become or what do you want to be: Is it in loving God more and living a holy life?  The choice is yours. You decide what you read and listen to. You will get there.

Akyena Brantuo Benjamin

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