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Woman beats up husband on Valentine’s day

Instead of love,  a 28 year old woman in Ashaiman has given her husband severe beatings on Valentine’s Day.  

This rather interesting incident occurred in Ashaiman Taabo Line, a suburb of the Tema  on Tuesday 14th February 2017 at about 10:00 am. The woman has since been arrested as investigations continue.

This reporter narrating his investigation to has revealed that on the morning in question, the enraged woman began raining insults on her husband, calling him names while he was dressing up for work.

As if that was not enough, Fusena Iddrisu, the woman, started punching, scratching and kicking Mr  Tanko Abubakar who fell off the bed he was sitting on,  a fight erupted, leaving Mr Tanko with deep scratches up to about 22 cm long across his chest.


The fight did not end in the room as it became too small to contain them. They took the fight outside with the woman still on top of her husband, beating him like her kid.


Obviously this attracted the attention of the neighbors who came to the rescue of the defaced man, but the woman won’t stop hitting the husband from behind.

Tanko who could not help himself or be helped by the spectators, had help from the Ashiaman police.The woman was arrested and charged with domestic violence at the Ashaiman Police Station.


According to some neighbors, there are often quarrels between the woman and her husband over domestic irresponsibility from both sides. “Last Saturday, for instance, I heard noise coming out from their room. They were insulting each other and that almost resulted in a fight. I had to intervene and walk the man out,” one woman told this reporter.

“He is an irresponsible man, he does nothing at home but when he comes and there is no food, he complains bitterly like it’s my fault. Sometimes the money he gives me isn’t enough to take care of the home so I often give it to the children and then use the rest to prepare something small for myself. I won’t kill myself for him, he won’t eat at home unless he gives me enough money. Then I will restore his previlages in the home.  Fusena fumed.

Speaking to this reporter Tanko denied the wife’s allegations  “she claims I am an irresponsible man, but I always give her money before I move from the house. Even when I don’t have enough I sacrifice my last penny for her and the children. My work isn’t all that good as it used to and she can testify to that. Yet, she insults me, calling me names like am nobody anytime I come home requesting for my food or I ask her to do something for me. Even today she called me “stupid and worthless man”. As if that wasn’t enough she cursed me and my family. Is that how a woman should treat a man she had vowed to spend the rest of her life with?” he quizzed.

This reporter will be following up on this story for the latest update.

Jesse Aseidu ||Ghana

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