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We’re becoming a societal threat – Unemployed Nurses

The over 2000 unposted nurses across the country picketing at the Ministry of Health say they are becoming a threat to the society due to their sordid conditions.

The nurses who completed their studies in 2016 say despite several meetings with the Minister for Health their concerns are still unaddressed.

According to them, they intend to pitch camp at the Health Ministry until their concerns are addressed.

“We are very tired in the house. We are begging the President to post us. We are tired. We have stayed in the house for a very long time. Our parents are fed up,” one of the distraught unposted nurse stated.

“We are becoming threat to the society,” said another sounding exhausted.

Scenes at the health ministry as the nurses protest

Their predicament, they say is affecting them “seriously” with one saying: “I have stayed in the house for two years without posting and money to buy food is a problem and always one has to ask his or her parents. I don’t have a father neither do I have a mother, should I go for a boyfriend to take of me?”

“We know that our seniors embarked on picketing and they got what they want. And even the private nurses that they are yet to post, they embarked on picketing and they have started filing their postings forms.

“We have engaged government on a series of meetings and we think that the only way to get results is picketing so over 2000 of our members are coming here to picket,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has given the assurance that the unposted nurses who are currently picketing at its premises will be posted.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the ministry, Robert Cudjoe, measures are being put in place to get the nurses posted to various health posts across the country.

“They will be posted, it’s unfortunate they have come here and decided to picket in spite of the various meetings we have had with them. We are working towards getting them posted. Their coming here is unfortunate,” he stated.

He, however, did not give timelines as to when the nurses will be posted.


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