A group of Junior Veterinary Surgeons are threatening to resort to other means to express their displeasure if government fails to address their concerns within a month.

According to the group, about fifty two (52) of them are currently jobless since 2016 when they completed their housemanship due to due to government’s inability to absorb them into the system.

The President of the Association, Dr. Kwasi Agyei Safo, said their role in contributing to the success of the agriculture sector has been undermined.

“We finished our housemanship in August 2016 and we are home…We have not been employed. The second batch has also finished in August 2017, but they have not been paid their housemanship salary let alone being employed. The third batch is yet to finish this August so the whole programme is an avalanche of issues that need to be taken care of by government and the Ministry as a whole.

“We have exhausted all diplomatic means talking to our veterinary doctors, talking to the Minister of Agriculture so the next option was to petition the President so we have petitioned the President. What I understand is that government does not see the implication of the process in our society because they think our job is to go and treat animals and come home.”

The doctors had also issued a month’s ultimatum to the government, threatening that they may take legal action if the government fails to meet their demand.