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Thousands come to meet Former President Mahama at Chief Imam’s office (Pictures +Videos)

Thousands of Ghanaians come to the Chief Imam’s office to meet former President John Dramani Mahama.

Extraordinarily creative in his composure, drew many comments especially when people realised that the were looking at the real man who lead the nation for four years and rated as the second only to Nkrumah when it comes to infrastructural development and good governance. Outside the Chief Iman’s office was a display of placards with inscriptions such as ” Come back messiah” “Allah has vindicated you” “Ghanaians want you back” etc. There were also exhibits of regrets on the faces of the people with others shedding tears chanting the name of the former President.


Respite spending much time talking to the crowd,the grounds of the Chief Iman’s place,where he was mobbed by people taking seifie with him and shaking him,Former President Mahama found time to meet with all the clerics and leaders.

Mr Edmund Berfi a who traveled from Kasoa to meet the President, said, God had good reasons for giving Ghanaians the 2016 results. According to Mr Berfi, six months after Mr Mahama’s exit, Ghanaians are fasting and praying for 2020 to arrive for them to vote back the great leader.

Dr Sheikh Ibrahim who resides in the United States, said happenings in the country today and comments emanating from every corner of the country vindicate the former President. He said, Trump has just submitted a bill cutting spending on education to enable him expand educational infrastructure, Theresa May’s major policy for the coming years is revamping of technical education. These he said, were part of what the advocated for years which were mischievously misinterpreted by his opponents. He mentioned the the bost issue and other corrupt practices recorded under the new administration and the unwillingness of leadership to sanction people involved.

Madam Gloria Odeibea also narrated the painful ordeal she and other traders at Nkrumah Circle go through since the NDC left office. She spoke in tears and pleaded that the former President offer himself as candidate for the NDC in the next election. Others who were spotted in Npp T- shirts refused to speak to journalists around but participated fully in all the activities including chanting for the return of the former President.

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