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There are several Moeshas around that need Christ- Kyei Boate

Hear me; there are several Moeshas in church, in the choirs, in the ushering teams, in prayer teams, counseling teams etc who are feeding from people’s husbands secretly. They appear in church slaying every Sunday, using all kinds of gadgets, riding luxurious cars, giving big offerings and you ask yourself where is this girl getting all this money from? 

There are several Moeshas in our universities. Ask yourself where all those girls who leave campus at night in big cars go to? When the old men come to pick them on Friday night and bring them back on Sunday evening have you asked yourself where they went to?

Mostly these ladies will tell you “oh he’s my uncle.” Thankfully I’ve studied on three University campuses, KNUST, University of Ghana and Pentecost University College so I know what I’m talking about. I mean haven’t we seen the growing number of “ladies of the night” at East Legon Ghana link Area?

Hear me, what the Moeshas and their sponsors need is Jesus. I blame the Moesha phenomenon largely at the doorsteps of our churches and its leaders. Many Pastors have stopped preaching about the things that makes us Christians. Today once you give a fat offering no one freaking cares about where you got the money from. It’s a sacrifice and that’s it. We all shout “Praise the Lord” and off we go.

See, the moment some churches started bashing Churches who had a hard stance on disciplining their members and offered their Churches as safe havens for any kind of lifestyle was the beginning of some of these messy “Moeshinism.” Don’t ask me what Moeshinism means.

One time I was sitting amongst some colleagues and one of them said corruption is an industry in Ghana. Once corruption is stopped they won’t be able to fund their other lifestyle which includes managing their side chicks. Interesting! The other side of this Moesha phenomenon is the corruption. People will have to stay corrupt to be able to manage these lifestyles you know.

Hear me, our Pastors must preach about Jesus’ imminent return. Now it feels like Jesus won’t come again. Pastors must preach about hard work. I’m developing a sermon on the dignity of work. Many people are taught about God’s blessings as if it is magic.

Listen to the theology in most songs about blessings that we hear. They are so wrong and misplaced. They present God as some magician. People don’t want to work anymore because the Pastor says come and pray and blessings will flow. “Obi nnyane me oo” you are expecting blessings while sleeping and dreaming? My dear wake up and work and stop dreaming!

Why won’t several Moeshas think that once we have a sponsor to give us money to take care of ourselves we are good to go? And pastors have stopped talking about the lifestyle that makes people Christians. Christianity is not just a name tag you know. It is a lifestyle.

While we speak to the Moeshas we also have to speak to the Sponsors. One of the songs I never liked was Sponsor from Ebony. Subtly it was an endorsement of the Moesha phenomenon. It was a subtle way of telling our girls its okay to stay as a side chic. It’s okay to latch on to another woman’s husband like a leach and draw blood. “Even though he’s older but I got to survive.” A line from Ebony’s sponsor.

There are many things that need correction in our society. Our moral fabric is seriously corrupted. Young girls don’t want to work. Young boys don’t want to work but they want to ride good cars and live in TRASSACO. And they want to do so by being scammers and indulging in “Atopalogy.” How is scamming and Atopalogy dignified work? I admit they can be tiring though. Look young man young woman, there is joy in engaging in dignified work. It is God who gives us the ability to make wealth. God doesn’t approve of Moeshinism.

My people, it’s not about her being on CNN. I mean let’s get it; there are many decent hardworking ladies and women in Ghana. Moesha’s generalization of the issue is terrible but observing her as communicator I know her “framing” is bad and perhaps awful at that. Personally from my observation I think her lifestyle depicts her communication so don’t be overly offended by her posture.

Question is is what she said false apart from her generalizing the issue to mean all women do same because I know many women don’t? At least I know Na Bia Boakye Danquah. If Moesha’s position is false let’s move on. However if it is true how do we deal with the Moesha syndrome? It’s a dependency syndrome. It is a lazy man and woman’s syndrome. It’s a stronghold on her mind. It can only be broken thru counseling and prayer.

Moeshas can also make heaven. Moeshas also need Jesus. Jesus loves even the vilest offender. And truth is Jesus loves all Moeshas and it is His desire that they all come to repentance. Who will lead these ones in?

If we Christians hanging around these Moeshas could demonstrate real Christianity trust me our lifestyles will draw many Moeshas from the moral corruption we find ourselves in. Think about these things…

The Lord bless us and keep us and give us boldness to draw many in.





Columnist: Kwesi Kyei Boate

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