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The John Ghanaians rejected ..@Ivan

It’s sad our president is unfazed about the recent economic trepidation that is sinking both the economic labels and fortunes of our dear country, Ghana.
The Npp through Dr. Bawumia hoodwinked Ghanaians into believing that he Bawumia was the guy destined to make Ghana, the hub of economic Utopia ( state of political perfection) but sadly many are those frustrated by the cluelessness of vociferous Bawumia who has now gone into political hibernation.

At the political fringes the hopes of a Ghanaian voter were elevated to the realms of absurdity, silly and outrageous political promises were made, unreasonable economic projections were the order of the day, Bawumia led the charge against the Ndc in a rather acrimonious manner.

Again the so-called moral pace setters and civil society groups as well as a section of the media together with the supposed elites from our universities ganged up in what l refer to as “regime change agenda,”

These brigadiers of intellectual dishonesty employed vicious and wicked machinations setting the Mahama administration up against public fury through persistent public attacks.

They thrived on politics of acrimony, rankling resentment, ethnocentric bullshit and smear campaign to rub the Mahama led Ndc of its political clouts, the love and adulation unbound for the NDC was turned into the white heat of a hated unconfined.

Now the Npp, it’s surrogates , lecturers and a section of the media who were partners in 2016 deceptive campaign are now living on a borrowed island of political discomfort and shame. Many have left the popular hall of political debate, the pulpit is no longer a place of convenience so some are watching animal channels on home Tv screens.

The cluelessness and the emptiness of Akuffo Bawumia led government seem to have elevated John Mahama to the level of a saint but hey John has always been a saint with his style of governance, honesty was his hallmark therefore the cluelessness of Akuffo Addo only deepens and consolidates his nature as honest a man.

Ivan-Kyei Innocent (image)

And to Ghanaians and all those who have lost their business, jobs, monies etc, don’t cry much , you brought this on yourselves … stop playing victims and face it as a punishment for being an accomplice.

A wiseman once said, those who vote for corrupt leaders, thieves, dishonest, clueless and men driven by evil intent are not victims but accomplices of the said crime.

John Mahama is coming and victory is coming home ….

Ivan Kyei Innocent/

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