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Pay national service persons their due, Hon Ofosu Ampofo


A vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) , Hon Samuel  Ofusu Ampofo,  has said  the Npp Government must find money to pay the 60% increase in allowances for National Service personnel.


Mr Ampofo who was speaking on 360 politics with Akyena Brantuo on Ahotor 92.3 FM on Friday 10th February 2017 was responding to accusations of bad faith against the Mahama led government for doing what most pundits say were attempts to collapse the Akuffo Addo government.


It is recalled that public wages had been increased 12% and 60% for National Service personal in the dying embers of the John Dramani mahama administration.


Rejecting the accusations, Mr Ampofo  explained that the increase in salaries were not sudden. But the fruits of ongoing negotiations whose maturity coincided with the defeat of the Ndc government at the time.


Explaining further, Mr Ampofo added that  government is a continuum. You inherit both asserts and liabilities. ‘They should stop complaining and pay. ‘ He concluded.


By: Abigail Fynn|ahotoronline.com|Ghana

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