Fisheries Minister Sherry Aryittey is accusing the flagbearer of the Progressive People’s Party of building the Nduom School of Business and Technology without acquiring a permit.

The Minister is as a result questioning the legality of the project, insisting, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom did not follow due process of the law in building the university.

“He says he believes in the rule of law. The law says if you want to build on somebody’s land you must apply to the assembly for building permit,” she told Adom FM, Tuesday, she chided, but Dr Nduom has dismissed the claims.

She made the comment when she handed over 150 pans and wire net to fish mongers in the same community the school is sited. She told, the chiefs and residents in the community are unahppy about the procedure used by Dr Nduom in building the school a reason why she was forced to comment on the matter.

The Nduom School of Business and Technology is set to admit its first batch of students for the 2016-17 Academic year in March 2017.

The institution, located in the Central Region of Ghana is geared towards training human resource in business and technology for the development of the country.

The school is a private non-profit liberal learning centre owned by the entrepreneur and leader of the Progressive Peoples Party Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom.

The school has appointed its first Director, and will begin full admission process early next year. But even before that will happen, the Fisheries Minister and the District Chief Executive, of the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Assembly Zagoon Ismaili Saed, have both raised issues with the building of the institution.

Madam Aryittey said Dr Nduom should have known that the land on which the project is sited is owned by someone and ought to have applied for permit before going ahead with the project.

When the reporter asked if the land is for the state or owned by chiefs or families in the area, the Minister declined comment on that, except to say that if the PPP leader had applied for permit, he would have known who the true owner of the land was.

The DCE, Zagoon Zaed when he was appointed his checks have shown that the building project is without permit.

He said the Assembly is not against the education project but is interested in following the due process of the law.

He said having been in office for seven months, lawyers of Dr Nduom have approached the Assembly and they were told about the anomaly but they have failed to resolve the matter.

He said the Assembly may stop Dr Nduom from going ahead with the project because site has a high tension   and is demarctaed for a road project.

He wondered why the school will be sited there. Zagoon Zaed stated that individuals even apply for permits before building their personal houses and wondered why a whole institution will be put up without a permit.

When spoke to Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom for his response, he said he will not glorify the comment of the Fisheries Minister with a response.

“If the Fisheries minister leaves fisheries to talk about education then you know it is propaganda,” he added