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NDC Women’s and Youth Delegates Conference : The Woes of an Obsessed Journalist

Very shocking revelation as dozens of press men and women who voluntarily granted coverage upon invitation by the National Planning committee of the NDC at the Congress ground in Gomoa Fetteh, were left at the mercy of total disappointment and dejection, after a “NO SOLI DARK CLOUD” were unleashed at them by the planning committee and the organizers of the program amidst the absence of TnT blackouts. A total scene of Kumawood movie epic which would have been dubbed ; *GOMOA AMANIHUNU* PART 1 & 2… What a good movie to watch?

Many journalists who could not contained the embarrassing scene had to borrowed from few endowed colleagues, whilst others who had nothing on them also trekked miles before they were able get vehicles to their destinations, after close of the event since non , I mean of the organisers showed up to assumed responsibility, and to calm nerves ; in fact they vanished into thin air !

Now this is the audit ; For how long must the NDC exhibit such disdainful behavior towards the press in auspicious times like this?

Why invite them through official correspondent and subsequent receipt of acknowledgment by their respective media houses when you know the party ( NDC) can not take care of them/ afford to clear their bills ?

Is it indeed true , that the Ghanaian press is hostile towards the course and propagation of the NDC, or in actual fact the managers ( party ) often at the helm of affairs at both National, Regional and constituency levels are unperturbed about the involvement of the media into their activities and thus, deserve no recognition or mileage ?

Were the respective media outlets hinted of nothing at all as their entreaty after the event on Saturday?????

How is the party seeking to clear this mess, after severally abusing the presence of media houses each time they are called for coverage, or assignment by the NDC ?

Is there any hidden bitterness between the NDC and the media as far as reported cases of these development is concern ? Since it has become , one too many ??

In any case how many top guns in the NDC operates media houses such that, these frenzy outlets can be used as tools to project the discourse of the party ; even that you still have to sanction their presence and acknowledgment at NDC functions with tokens of appreciation, Or ? I hope this is legitimate !

Has the NDC valued and vetted the power of the media to the detriment of their electoral fortunes ?

After the defeat in the last elections ?????????

A word to the wise !

These and many other salient questions requires immediate answers ??????????

Now to whoever was in charge of the organization of the congress and left many journalist stranded after close of Polls on Saturday should bow in shame ! But for the avoidance of doubt, I humbly sought to find out if there were any budgetary allocation meant for invited press houses, since am duly aware that, the press outlets who covered the program were duly acknowledged to attend for airtime.

How much was each media house supposed to been given as in “SOLI” ? Indeed assuming there was any special funding in place for them to be used for TnT?

Must the Media continue to show hostilities at the NDC, and till when ?

Can’t the NDC also learn from their development opponent’s the NPP ? Who knows how to cushion the media very well ?

Am Nana Dogbe, ( i write as me , and not for any quarters ) and I think the paradigm must change before 2020, this backwardness, and extreme “chiselness” by functionaries of the NDC towards the Ghanaian press must be brought to a halt!

Me again ; if aspirants and contestants can accumulate soo much money to induce voters / woo delegates to vote for them, why can’t they do same for the media whom the voter listens and calls on during or off campaigning and electioneering season ; after all putting and tagging all of us as anti NDC is meaningless, to say the least ; for me objectivity and journalistic advocacy for development in all forms is my singular aim, and that which I have envisaged.

Saddened as it may sound, some of you echelons in the NDC are proudly in bed with the so called hostile media houses, in fact is a known secret!

This is the moment of truth! Take it or leave it !

What happened at Gomoa Fetteh, was simply barbaric and uncalled for without any stretch of imagination, such a resourceful Political party as the NDC will reduce media practitioners to this lowered bar.

In any case , whoever is in possession of the “SOLI ” should release it immediately- after all we deserve it.

Why mar the beauty and ecstasy of such wonderful and colourful event… ( women’s and Youths wing )


Embattled Broadcast Journalist.


Nana Dogbe|ahotoronline.com|Ghana

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