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NDC demands account on presidential diaries

The main opposition National Democratic Congress party (NDC) has made a call on Nana Addo’s Government to produce detailed account on the printings of the new presidential diaries.

The NDC is also asking the government to explain to Ghanaians, the process they went through before issuing the contract to the desired companies.

According to the NDC, Ghanaians were disappointed in the NPP, for disregarding the right process used in printing those diaries.

Some bigwigs in the party have indicated that, due to the corruption records of the NPP in the county, they have connived with other agencies, thus using state funds in printing the diaries.

Others were also of the view that, despite their long talk on corruption, the NPP government has pocketed state money that could be put into good use to benefit the nation.

Taking side of the issue, the Member of Parliament for Builsa South constituency in the Upper East Region, Dr. Clement Apaak, expressed that, the NPP as a party, were fake people to be trusted.

“They are repeating the same mistake they blame the NDC for.”

According to him, how the NPP arrived at the printing of the new presidential diaries were mysterious, “they must account to Ghanaians”.

“I remember how the NPP sabotaged us, during the time of Former President Mahama, they gave all sorts of lies about us, asking us to provide the exact amount used for the presidential diaries.

“Some of the party’s propagandist, even went on to say that, the NDC party used as much as 10 million dollars in the printing the presidential diaries.”

Adding that, “As an editor at that time, I went on challenging them on the proposed figure, but what happened, they never allowed me. They went on holding press conferences and throwing dust into Ghanaians eyes.”

“Today the same people, who said, they are transparent and want accountability from the NDC, are repeating the same mistakes, they have forgotten so shortly. What I am saying is, if they say, they are transparent and accountable to Ghanaians, whoever is in charge of the printing of those diaries must come out publicly and explain the details to Ghanaians.”

“As to how much they spent on the diaries, whether they also used 10 million dollars or 20 million dollars, we want to hear from them.”

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