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Mental Health Workers Want TRAMADOL Properly Regulated

Community Mental Health Workers in Tema have reiterated the call on regulatory bodies and other stakeholders to properly regulate the use of Tramadol and other drugs in the country.

This comes in the wake of reports of many youth abusing the Tramadol, a prescription pain killer, codeine cough mixtures and other substances and drugs.

People were said to take the drug to enhance their sexual performance and give them energy to undertake tedious jobs for hours without feeling tired.

Mr Pious Tay, Senior Staff Nurse in-charge of the Community Psychiatry Unit, Tema Manhean Health Centre, told the Ghana News Agency that ‘the team recommend that regulatory authorities make necessary interventions nationally with respect to the prescription, supply and the consumption of the drug’.

Mr Tay said Community Mental Health Workers in the Tema Metropolis would continue to monitor the use of the drug and other substances in the area but there was the need for policy intervention.

He, however, disclosed that their monitoring and community checks in the Metropolis revealed that even though some people may be abusing the drug, it was not as alarming and widespread as it pertains in other parts of the country.

He added that interactions with students and other youth in the area through interviews, discussions and observations showed that few people in Tema were abusing tramadol.


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