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Intra-African Trade will eradicate modern day Slavery- Ofosu-Ampofo.

The Vice Chairman of the largest opposition party, NDC, Hon. Samuel Ofosu- Ampofo has stated that the inhumane treatment meted to fellow African citizenry by the Libyan people is not just modern day slavery but it is pure cruelty.


Commenting on the reported atrocities being meted out to Black African migrants in Libya, Ofosu- Ampofo stated, there are several factors that have led to this development.

According to him there are push and pull factors that has led to this atrocities.


“African Leadership has failed it citizenry. Looking at the migrants in the documentary, most of them are from Nigeria, it is so sad Nigeria after discovering oil couldn’t diversify it into industrialization and trade. Nigeria could have been the hub for massive trade”


“This I believe could have reduced youth unemployment in that country. Nigeria could have been computing with South Africa for who leads in terms of Economic might”


“Leaders store billions of dollars to the detriment of the common people, the fact that there is no clear cut solution to solve the unemployment situation in Africa will lead to this mess we see now”. He stated.


He continued by saying that greater opportunities in education has been created for the youth but most of them leave school without any job opportunity in sight.


He emphasized saying that Africans should come together and create Intra-African trade to help build bigger factories that will process the raw materials produced. This will create employment opportunities for the teaming youth, which indirectly will reduce the migration of the youth for greener pastures elsewhere.


“There could have been a cocoa processing factory somewhere around Sefwi-Wiawso to add value to our cocoa and indirectly create jobs for our teaming youth”

“I believe that what has happened in Libya is lack of leadership in Africa”

Ofosu-Ampofo was speaking on Ahotor FM’s morning show on Thursday, 30th December.




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