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I’m not happy with PNC –Dr. Edward Mahama

The 2016 Flagbearer of the People’s National Convention(PNC), Dr. Edward Nasigiri Mahama has revealed he is deeply sick of the poor show of his party in the last elections.

The line that was crossed with Dr. Mahama accepting a portfolio from the governing party Monday as an Ambassador at Large has set controversy within his party with some executives questioning his loyalty to the party.

When host of the Anopa Kasapa Morning Show on Kasapa 102.5 FM, Fiifi Banson Tuesday posed a question to him in an interview whether he’s aware that the party is not happy with him for his decision to serve in the ruling party, he retorted that likewise he was also displeased with his party’s performance in Ghanaian politics particularly the party’s poor show in the last elections.

“I’m not happy with my party either because the performance of the party at the last general elections is nothing to be happy about,” he reiterated.

He said his party is struggling in politics so far as he’s concerned, adding is about time the party works very hard to shore up its political game.

According to the PNC, Dr. Mahama faces possible expulsion based on precedence after accepting to serve the ruling party-NPP without recourse to party rules.

The PNC seems disappointed with Dr. Mahama taking up the role of Ambassador at Large in the ruling NPP without prior notification to the party.

General Secretary of the Party, Atik Mohammed contends the party will have to meet shortly to take a decision on Mahama and his involvement with the ruling party.

“The PNC is not like a kiosk where the owner can come in at any time to clear the goods in it. There are rules on how the PNC should operate. We can only wish him and the PNC will continue … May be there is a bigger opportunity ahead. But if you look at what he [Dr. Edward Mahama] has done, his loyalty has been brought to question,” he noted.





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