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I struggled to enjoy my marriage for more than 10 years because of premarital sex-Maurice Ampaw

An astute lawyer, and radio commentator on legal issues especially those on relationships,  Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, has rendered an unqualified apology to his beautiful wife, Evelyn, for making public on Ahotor 92.3 fm’s Mmabunu Mmmre with show host Akyena Brantuo, that he never enjoyed his marriage for about 10years , owing to premarital sex he engaged in with her three years before the marriage.

Mr. Ampaw, who was on the program to contribute to the discussion on the youth and dating, and to clarify why the constitution allows teenagers to start having sex at 16 and marry at 18 without consent and whether this is not responsible for the many teenage pregnancies and their related problems bedeviling society,  took the opportunity to admonish young people against premarital sex, using his personal life and marriage as a case study.


Lawyer Ampaw said that having been a born again Christian from as early as 13years, and blessed with leadership related positions in the Christian faith in all his various institutions of study, from Labone  Secondary School, to The University of Ghana Legon and finally the Ghana School of Law, he was more than committed to keep to chastity and marry as a virgin his fiance whom he dated for over 15years but that was not to be because of bitterness which entered his heart three years to his marriage when his church substituted him as the President of the Youth of the church.

This development which so much hurt him,  took away his joy and motivation to continue diligently in the faith, which development got him carnal until he enticed his wife to be into fornication, a development which robbed him of the joy of marriage for at least 10years.

In his words, ‘ This act before marriage took away some excitement from the marriage because there was nothing new again to be enjoyed in the marriage.’

He added  that he did not see any difference between the period of relationship and marriage.

This made him resist his wife at certain periods using schooling as an excuse.

And consequently this development prolonged ‘my child bearing for over 10 to 11 years. ‘ He added.


Again the development affected trust in the marriage. Even after so many years in marriage, his wife does not trust him because if ‘ he( Maurice )as a staunch Christian then could fornicate, what can he not do now that he is a lawyer and lecturing young and beautiful girls? ‘ He asked rhetorically.

He has therefore advised the youth to come to terms with the purpose of sex, which in law as in the Bible, is a seal for marriage contract, without which no marriage can be legally or biblically be deemed to have been successfully contracted.

He conceded in conclusion that parliament will have to have a second look at provisions of the law which appear to give the green light for sex even before one could marry since the age for recognition as an adult in Ghana is not 16 years but 18.

Mmabunu Mmre( time with the youth),  hosted by Akyena Brantuo on Ahotor 92.3fm comes your way this and every Saturday from 12pm to 1:30pm.



Daniel Koranteng Kwagyiri|| Ghana.

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