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“I have no problem with Christians going to Israel to Pray, But the Hypocrisy! – Hadji Mustaphar

A leading member and a known NDC philanthropist of Dome Kwabenya Hon. Hadji Mustaphar on Monday stated on Ahotor FM morning socio political show dubbed “Oman Yi My Nsem that, he has no qualms with the Akufo Addo – led government which have airlifted about 200 pilgrimage to Israel to pray and intercede on behalf of the nation for spiritual fortification, but the move is premised on hypocrisy.

The vociferous parliamentary hopeful in Dome Kwabenya constituency of the greater Accra region, retorted on the program hosted by Onantefour Addae Mununkum that, it is an absurd observation
to see the same party who in opposition openly trolled and attacked the then sitting President of blessed Memory , H.E Professor John Evans Atta Mills for turning the castle into a prayer camp during his tenure as President of the republic, has sort to portray similar traits in government today.

The young and well lettered politician, vehemently chided the New Patriotic Party, and the Nana Addo , Bawumia led administration to the effect that, the recent economic hardships required strong and robust economic fundamentals as well as a effective monetary fiscal measures to curtail both the internal and external shocks which have had a sting in the country currently, destroying the solid track records in the economy chalked by the NDC before they left office in 2017.

He also queried why a government who touts and purports to be doyens of finance and have better appreciation of economic issues would sit aloof and allow the else while productive economy to deteriorate and plunge millions of its population into financial abyss and a negative downturn.

Hon. Mustaphar further opined that it is incumbent upon Government and its assigns to find lasting remedies to the wastages in the economy created by ill- prudent economic management team, under the guised and supervision by the vice President, H.E Alhaji Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia, the much self acclaimed economic guru.

The man who would be seeking to wrestle the Dome Kwabenya parliamentary seat, from the NPP at the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections contended that, posterity has caught up with the NPP, and the earlier they tell Ghanaians the truth, the better for their tainted integrity, and lost goodwill respectively.

He aver again to the point that, prayers are very sacred and imperative in the life of every living thing and humanity in general, but the NPP whilst in opposition created the notion and impressions that, it was a bad omen to go before the lord in times of difficulties and supplications, and jabbed Prof. Mills and John Mahama for doing same.

Hadji Mustaphar who have won the hearts of many NDC supporters and also epitomized as the face of Dome Kwabenya, ahead of the NDC primaries, intimated that, Veep Dr. Bawumia is the worst thing that has ever happened to the country, and as such his unwarranted and vile utterances against the then John Drammani Mahama’s regime about the economy in the past, has become an albatross around him and his boss, President Nana Addo Danquah – Akufo Addo, and that they have no excuse than to fixed the so – called broken mess Mahama left behind.

He avowed and alluded that, “for the economy to bounce back into a sound micro and macro regime and stability, the government must ensure proper and cogent management prowess in areas where the needed resources ought to be channeled, in order to yield the expected positive outlook and dividend for better living standards in the country”.


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