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How did Nanka Bruce’s attackers get inside the Presidency – Ras Mubarak

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kumbugu Constituency, Hon. Ras Mubarak, has expressed his dissatisfaction at Interior Minister Dery’s answers regarding the attack of a senior police officer that occurred at the Flagstaff House.

How did Nanka Bruce's attackers get inside the Presidency - Ras Mubarak

Speaking in on the floor of parliament on Thursday, March 24th, Interior Minister Ambrose Dery updated House members on the investigation concerning a senior police officer named Nanka. The incident which was caught in a CCTV footage occurred on January 9th, at the Flagstaff House, the seat of government.

“The matter is currently under investigation by the police CID and efforts are being made to arrest the suspects. An Accra Circuit Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Mumuni Jabel – the ex-police officer – and his counterpart,”

In response to a question leveled to him in parliament on how the assailants were able to get into the Flagstaff House, Hon. Dery stated that he did not have personal knowledge on it.

 The Kumbungu MP, however, showed great surprise at the Interior Minister’s inability to tell parliament how the suspected NPP vigilante group members were capable of entering the Flagstaff House premises.

“You would expect that before someone is admitted access to the presidency, they would have gone through some security screening. Clearly, the Minister was unable to tell us who gave them clearance,” he told Dzifa Bampoh on Joy FM.

He further stated that it was unacceptable that “some macho men to walk into the Presidency and accost a man in uniform…That is completely unacceptable,” he added.

“Secondly, there is a bond of friendship among men and women in uniform, so you would expect that these hoodlums would be arrested and dealt with at the presidency,” he said bemoaning the nonchalant attitude of the security persons around when the office was attacked.

“There might have been some action but more has to be done because the Minister left a lot of questions unanswered. It was also unsatisfactory that the Minister gave only one name of the suspects name as Abu.

“If you want the general public to assist you in arresting a suspect, you don’t put out one name as there are 1000s of Abu so he should provide the full name of the gentleman,” he said.

Source: joyfm

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