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How about being called barren at age 13?

Many people in James Town have known no other standard of living than that of an unstable existence without a roof over their heads. The result is a growth in cultural poverty, which often leads to sexual abuse and early child birth. Unfortunately, a girl without a child at age 13 is called “Kene” in James Town, a local jargon meaning a barren/infertile woman/girl. This needs to change!

SCEF offers a place for children and their families where they can get counseling and assistance. We try to build up a healthy life for the children by answering questions and giving out sanitary pads to girls. In addition, SCEF provides legal aid to seek justice for children who have been defiled by adults in and around James Town. Recently, SCEF had about three of our scholarship recipients pregnant before age 16. This needs to change!

Can you believe that 86% of pregnant girls in and around James Town, Chorkor and the Accra Central areas dropped out of school?

School dropout is seen as a cause as well as a consequence of teenage pregnancy. It was clear from a study that some of the respondents dropped out of school due to the pregnancy while others became pregnant because they dropped out of school. Thus, most pregnant girls drop out of school to deliver and after delivery feel shy and do not return to school thereby serving as a baseline for other girls with similar problems to imitate. This also needs to change.

This year, SCEF in partnership with Adolescent Unit of Ussher Polyclinic and Marie Stopes, we have hosting about 50 invited teenagers (both male and female), parents and other community youth to a day workshop on Unwanted pregnancies at SCEF Learning Hub on Friday, 28th April, 2017 from 9.00am – 1.00pm.

Make a one-time donation of GHS900.00 to help fund a pregnant girl’s healthcare and access to school for a year. With this donation, a pregnant teenager receives bi-monthly counseling sessions, health insurance registration, antenatal care, postnatal care, other hospital requirements for child birth, food stuff (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in-between main meals and after meals, fruits, etc), bi-weekly visitations and more!

Donate now: MTN Mobile Money Account name SCEF and no. 0240168390|Ghana

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