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GRA to increase tax component of GDP to 20% by 2020 – Acting Commissioner-General

Acting Ghana Revenue Authority Commissioner-General, Emmanuel Kofi Nti has reiterated GRA’s vision of ensuring that tax revenue contributes more than 20% to the GDP of the country.

He found it worrying that despite performing better than some countries economically, Ghana has a lower tax to GDP ratio compared to them.

Kofi Nti has disclosed that GRA in the next four years hopes to achieve a minimum of 20% tax to GDP ratio by increasing the current 16% by 1% each year.

“In subsaharan region we are part of the tax to GDP ratio is 20% we are at 16.7% as we speak. Our vision in GRA going forward is that we will do an increase of 1% per GDP per year” he stressed

The Acting Commissioner-General insists to achieve this, there is the need to increase tax compliance and it is for this reason that his outfit launched is embarking on a campaign dubbed #OurTaxesOurFuture to get people to appreciate the benefit of complying with their civic responsibilities

“This national tax campaign is aimed at increasing awareness among Ghanaians about tax issues, enable us understand and appreciate the importance of taxes and the benefits to national development. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to increase voluntary compliance thereby increasing revenue collection for the country” he asserted.

He admitted “While those of us at GRA concede that itis our ultimate responsibility to reach as many Ghanaians as possible, it is also an undeniable fact that all income earning citizens must become alive to their civic responsibilities. In the same way that we crave to enjoy the infrastructure and amenities provided by the state, we must also be equally prepared to contribute to the national purse from which such amenities are provided”

The Ghana Revenue Authority launched the ‘National Tax Campaign’ on Wednesday at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Accra

The national campaign is expected to span four weeks and will be characterised by a series of media and community engagement activities.

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