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GES closes down schools after residents turned it into a public toilet

Three schools in Akyem Adjobue in the Eastern region have been closed down indefinitely by the Ghana Education Service because residents of the community have turned the school into a place for defecating.

The schools namely Adjobue GCD L/A, Adjobue RC Primary and JHS and Adjobue Presby Primary and JHS were all closed down after some unscrupulous people in the town turned the schools into a ‘public toilet.’

Teachers and pupils of the school have for years suffered from the activities of these unscrupulous persons and have had to scrub and wash faeces of the perpetrators on a daily basis.

Desks, teachers’ tables and Chairs as well as blackboards are mostly smeared with human excreta.

Madam Okyere Asabea, the Public Relation’s Officer of the Akyemansa District Education Directorate in an interview said , management took the ‘hard’ decision after several attempts by the Ghana Education Service to try to stop the people of the town from engaging in the illicit act have all proved futile.

According to Madam Asabea some two years ago, the District Education directorate held a durbar with the chiefs and people of the town to try to talk them out of the unholy act yet the people did not pay heed to their call.

She added that there was another discussion with the people of the community last year to let them desist from the act yet to no avail.

“Management therefore took the decision to close down the school to let the people know that our teachers there are also human beings and they have had enough.” She said.

According to the PRO, the schools will remain shut”until they desist from the act.”



Source: mynewsgh

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  1. This is a crazy story… these schools should remain shut, thanks!

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