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GBC Staff attack ECG workers over unpaid bills

Workers of the Ashanti regional Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) have reportedly assaulted staff of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) over an attempt to collect monies for unpaid bills.

Workers of the state broadcaster are said to have attacked and deflated the tyres of vehicles of the electricity company when they visited the compound of GBC at Dadiesoaba in Kumasi.

ECG workers went to GBC to retrieve accumulated debt of GH¢1.7 million owed them by the state broadcaster but upon seeing the ECG, they (GBC workers) deflated their car tyres without provocation.

The ECG workers had to run for cover to avoid being maimed or ‘killed’ by the staff of GBC.

GBC staff are said to have over the years engaged the power supplier on the debts.

The power of GBC has currently been cut off by ECG.

‘We went there as usual to demand payment, when we enter your premises, we demand payment or disconnect your supply of power, and so when we asked them to pay up and they were not able to give us the money, out of anger they decided to vent their anger on us, they deflated our tyres, and blocked us from leaving their yard. Its accumulated amount up to October ending, they didn’t take the opportunity we gave them and so the debt keeps piling up, that is why we decided to take the supply off,’ the Ashanti regional Public Relations Officer of ECG Erasmus Kyere Baidoo told Bernard Nasara Shaibu.

Mr Baidoo wondered why the aggrieved staff of GBC decided to attack them describing their visit as ‘harmless’.

‘Its no less a person than the regional GBC manger he decided to deflate the tyres of our vehicles, we went there with,’ he stated.

He said the case is yet to be reported to the police.


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