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Fumigate ‘bed bug-ridden’ SHS dorms – Mahama begs Nana Addo

Flagbearer aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), former President John Mahama, has called on President Akufo-Addo to ensure the fumigation of dormitories in Senior High School (SHS) across the country.

According to Mr. Mahama he has encountered many students with complaints of bites from bed bugs due to the congestion in their dorms brought on by the free SHS policy.

He made the call at Ada, in the Greater Accra region while addressing party members and sympathisers as part of his campaign tour.

“Now because of the congestion, children are complaining about bed bugs. I have met some SHS students and they show me their skin that has been bitten by bed bugs.”

“I call on the government that at least, if the dormitories are congested, it should just fumigate the dormitories so that the children could be free from these bed bugs”, he pleaded.

His comments appear to be in relation to an incident in October, where the Deputy National Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Akamba, was accused of inciting some students at the Tempane Senior High School in the Upper East region against government’s free SHS policy.

Mr. Akamba, who is seeking to be elected as the substantive National Organizer of the NDC, can be seen in a video that’s gone viral on social media, interacting with some senior high school students in the Upper East Region.

He asked the students if they were experiencing issues with bedbugs in their dormitories as a result of congestion which has been occasioned by the free SHS policy, to which they responded in the affirmative.

He made the students show their bedbug bite scars to the cameras, and promised them their challenges would be over in 2020 if they vote out the NPP.

Mahama on double track system

John Mahama also wondered how ‘free’ the Free SHS policy is when parents are still paying for extra tuition as a result of he termed as the programme’s poor planning.

“In a few days those who went for the 41 days are coming back home with those who stayed at home are going back. So now you have parents having to pay for their children to attend remedial classes for the children who are at home. So, the money you would have paid as school fees you are paying it again as remedial fees.”

The Former President was of the view that, the challenges that have fraught second cycle education in Ghana is an evidence of how ill-prepared plans by the NPP are.

“We started building community day schools and the E blocks as well as expanding infrastructure in existing schools to absorb more students So, you realise that once you introduce Free SHS, you have to expand the facilities.  Somebody comes and says he will implement it in 3 years, now the problem we are facing is congestion and you resort to double track.”


Source: citinewsroom.com | Ghana

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  1. The main problem with the Free SHS programme is lack of adequate preparation,the implementation was politically motivated,a country whose education system is use as a political tool runs a risk of baking half breads so to say,I have been to Southern Asia Pacific just recently,the have free education from the basic to the university,they have community based universitues,thete is nothing like final examuexamin which pre University students have to pass before entering uniUniversity.This us making the the Asian countries more educated, especially the Filipinos.Ghana needs to learn from thiis examples. I think we need a national form where education in education should be reconsidered in terms of who make polices and implementation.The educationists in this country are doing lots good services to our educational system yet they yave failed to tell politicians to remove there hands from the main stream policies issues which they policians have less knowledge and technical know how.The standard of education in Ghana is rapidly declining and mediocrity is taking it’s toll on our educational systems,go to our hospitals yoy will realuze that our so call vest medical students who become doctirs and nurses are rather contributing the health problems of innocent paitients,the future if this county is not safe if we continue to use our educational systems as a political tool.Finally,the Free SHS is good but there is a need to make adequate preparations before implenentation.Many parants are not happy about the hardships their faciing in the finabcial upkeeps bof theur wards and children in the current Free SHS systems.The current government should see it is ministers to be objective in reportung about how the citizens are feeling under its polices.the president seems to have good intentions but things are not going on well currently. The extend of damage caused in implementing some of the policies and programs of governments need to be looked at.Ghana is not for politicians alone and we can leave them to decide everything.The citizens gave the power to decide who should govern the country,this is the respect politicians owe the citizens any act of abuse by any government,will result in remigal from power believe it or not.Ghanains are watching clisely what is happening in the USA.

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