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FIFA snubs new attempt by Olympics to frustrate Ghana, slam frivolous claims

FIFA has dealt a humiliating snub to Great Olympics’ quest to further delay the Ghana Premier League by telling the Accra-based club that its case to gain boardroom points is frivolous and must abide by the disciplinary processes of the Ghana FA.


FIFA also asked Great Olympics to return to the judicial process of the Ghana FA, implying that the Accra-based club’s decision to resort to the law courts is an unpardonable error.

The world body also embarrassed Olympics long-standing claim that points must be deducted from Bechem United automatically as FIFA said the Ghana FA laws must be applied instead.

The Swiss-based body dealt a blow to Olympics’ claims by insisting that its decision to dock Nigeria’s points cannot be applied to Ghana as the GFA is not obliged to enforce that law.

This comes after one Enock Niibi Osekan, claiming to be a supporter of the Accra Great Olympics, wrote to FIFA asking them to force the Ghana FA to apply for FIFA Disciplinary code in respect of the Bechem United case.

But FIFA snubbed the request in a terse response  in a letter dated 12th February, 2018 revealing that the Ghana FA is right not apply the FIFA Disciplinary Code and revealed that only the GFA judicial processes can deal with the matter.

“After an analysis of the information provided, we have to inform you that it seems we are not in the position to intervene in this matter since its an internal matter under the remit of the Ghana Foitball Association and governed by the applicable rules of the said federation. As such, we are forwarding your correspondence to the Ghana FA,” the letter stated.

“Concerning your worry in respect to the potential incompatibility of the Ghana Football Association regulations with the FIFA Disciplinary Code concerning ineligibility issues, we would like to refer you to the content of Article 146 par.3 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code according to which associations are requested to harmonise their code to our regulations, without it being mandatory for the associations to incorporate the articles mentioned therein as contained in the FIFA Disciplinary Code,” the letter added further.



Citing a the term as gracious informant, Olympics are seeking to be re-instated in the Ghana Premier League because it wants Bechem to be docked points which will help them to return to the top-flight after their shambolic showing and hugely chaotic campaign led to their drop to the second tier.

However the Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana FA ruled that Olympics have no case as in the Ghana FA laws quest for points must go through a protest and must be filed within three days after the match has taken place.

With Olympics filing to seek the sneaky boardroom points, SEVEN MONTHS after the game, it is impossible for the DC to grant the points because it lacks merit.

Olympics quest for the points was also based on a PETITTION and the DC further ruled that quest for boardroom points must be placed through PROTEST which also led to the snubbing of the request by the Accra-based club.

Knowing that they would not be successful in their desperate quest to stay in the Ghana Premier League, Olympics have asked for the league to be expanded to 18 clubs to accommodate them.

Several clubs have kicked against the request of Olympics which has resulted in their various tactics to frustrate the start of the league hoping that they would accommodated.

Olympics had a chaotic campaign that led to their relegation. The squad and management were split down the middle with coach Tom Strand coaching half of the team and Godwin Attram coaching the rest.

This is the third time in recent years that Olympics are seeking to stay league after their relegation.

Five years ago when they were relegated they mooted a 20-team league a measure for them to stay in the top-flight and three year ago after their drop to the second tier they called for an 18-team league.

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