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Facebook community grosses 2 billion, Zuckerberg says

Facebook, a global social media, now has a platform community exceeding 2 billion people, including more than 1.3 billion people who use Facebook every day.

Mr Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced this in his quarterly results and giving updates on progress made to bring the world closer together.

This release was copied to the Ghana News Agency.
“I’m proud of the progress our community is making and it comes with a responsibility to make sure we have the most positive impact on the world that we can. That’s why, last month, we updated Facebook’s mission to focus not just on connecting the world, but also bringing the world closer together.”

He said the company’s set goal to help 1-billion people join groups that become a meaningful part of their lives both online and in the physical world, and last month we rolled out new tools to help people start and grow communities on Facebook.

The Social Media icon announced that, this quarter, more than 250 million people used Instagram Stories every day, and more than 250 million people use WhatsApp Status every day.

He said 2-billion messages were sent between people and businesses each month and there was over 100 million members of meaningful groups on the Facebook platform.

“We’re going to keep improving and giving you more ways to share. As always, it’s an honor to be on this journey with you.”

Mr Zuckerberg wanted Facebook to accelerate efforts to make money off it’s messaging products – and on its Q2 earnings in a roadmap.

“We want to start putting adverts on Messanger. I want to see us move even faster.”

He said first to build consumer usage, then build up interactions between users and businesses then “make sure it works.”

“If the company executes on its plan, ads in messenger can be one of the its biggest growth driver’s over the next few years after its video ad products,” he said.

Mr Zuckerberg said it’s messenger users grossed 1.2 Billion, up 20 percent from July 2016.




Source: GNA

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