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End time would never come: the Faith of an Antichrist

“Little children, it is the last time as ye have heard that Antichrist shall come, even now are there many Antichrist whereby we know that it is the last time, 1 John 2;18”. According to a 27 year old boy, who refused to mention his name but preferred that, the host Onantefour Addae-Mununkum On the show, “Ewiasi Mu Nsem”, on Ahotor Fm 92.3 should call him by three different names, hater of Christ, Antichrist or Lucifer, has denied that Christ is Lord, and the son of God that created heaven and earth.

According to claims made by this hater of Christ, Jesus is a liar who had come to deceive the whole world. It is untrue that he saved mankind from death by offering himself to be crucified on the cross. His reason for saying this is that, the real creator of this universe is unknown to God himself so how can he be the savior of the world. He said when it comes to the spiritual realms, Jesus Christ came from the first heaven and it is within his realms that gayism and lesbianism was introduced.  He also said the Catholic Church was brought up to train the nuns to be lesbians and the family of Christ to be gays.

In his explanation, he claimed Jesus Christ is a politician who faked his identity as the supreme God of the universe. He went on to say that, the Christian world is confused of their belief and that is why different religions attribute the supreme God with all sort of names, like Indians would call him Braham and Israelite call him Yahweh and so forth. He said most Christians are ignorant of the concept of deities so they manipulate the Bible just to suit their social and political agendas. He said Christians should stop being judgmental and open their eyes to the real truth that there is no supreme God but there are many gods.

Whereas the Bible made us understand that anyone who does not confess that Christ has come in the flesh, that God became a human being in the person of Jesus Christ, is called the deceiver, the Antichrist. Which means that anybody who attempt to take the place of, usurp the authority of the genuine Messiah, Jesus Christ is an Antichrist. Pastor Emmanuel Nartey from the Light House Chapel International said that the Bible taught us that, there would come a time when haters of Christ would come and when that time had come, Christians should beware not to dissuade themselves from the doctrine concerning Christ.  Pastor Nartey advised Christians not to allow themselves to be deceived and should pray for the discernment of the Holy Spirit to use them, for many deceivers are in the world.

By: Martha Narh Odikro/


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