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El-Mannie Impact to be Inaugurated on 25th May, 2017

El-Mannie Impact is one of the distinguished, compelling and emerging institutions whose mandate is to make impact by transforming the mindset, into a ‘positive impact perspective’ for global and generational impact. 

This year on May 25, El-Mannie Impact hosts Former Deputy Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, Hon. Abraham Dwuma Odoom, Member of parliament for Twifo Atti-Morkwa Constituency on the occasion of their launch and inauguration. 

The launch will bring together a network of positive transformational leaders across the nation.

The organization focuses on impact through community development and social enterprise activities. This, they will achieve via the wheels of the three main subsidiaries which are, the;

1. El-Mannie Impact Ministry (ELIM)

2. El-Mannie Impact Care (EIC-NGO)

3. El-Mannie Business Consult (EBC)

The ministry or ELIM seeks to raise and bring together young leaders and professionals who have transformed mindsets in line with biblical truths, to positively impact their world.

The  El-Mannie Impact Care is an NGO, which is prioritizing on two pillars.

– Providing access to quality child education.

– Improving livelihoods.

The EBC wholisticaly will give employment opportunities to others and also contribute to adding economic value to the gross economy.

The Group has impacted many young people and also helped retain some children in school.


We stand for integrity, transparency, generational impact, positive mindsets,  and development. Ghana will be transformed into a desired state if only mindsets are transformed positively to positively make impact.


We are able to do this by the Almighty God and through our dedicated team. Volunteers are welcome and can reach us for further discussion.



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