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Don’t Expect Jesus to Come Again; He is already on Earth – Messenger Ocloo

It takes great faith to believe that an unseen God exists among us, for you cannot physically confirm that he is there, but for those who deal in evidence, there is proof all around them and inside of them that God does exist and even now with us. On the show Ewiase Mu Nsem on Ahotor 92.3 was Peter Ocloo a strong believer of the word, who claims that Jesus Christ had been communicating with him on the internet via email and that he is already here on earth in the flesh, and he is currently based in the United Kingdom (UK).

He told the host Onantefour Addae-Mununkum, on the show, of how he went through challenges personally as mostof the troubles came from his work place and church as well. He said with all the frustrations that he went through in life and the positive transformation that came with it exposed him to a telepathic feeling about a certain book on the internet titled the “way home or face the fire” which he claimed it is the true Bible written by an author called JAH. He said Upon further readings of this Bible, he got to realize that 1Timothy 3:1 was omitted from that bible, when he ask the person he was chatting with via- email he told him Ocloo that, the additional information from the Bible is as a result of some evil doings of some pastors to deceive the world for which they have added by themselves but not from him JAH.

Peter ocloo further said that most Christians should not be blinded by their faith regarding the coming of our lord Jesus Christ thinking they would see him descending from heaven bringing his restitution to the whole world with his angels but rather he is currently leaving among us in the UK which is the real place to be called Israel but not the Israel we all know of.

Whereas the Bible says the second coming of our Lord would be different from the first, for he will come with power and glory, and the whole human race will see him. Jesus said “You will see the son of man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven” mark 14: 62; But Peter Ocloo says he is already with us.

By: Martha Narh Odikro/ahotoronline.com

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