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Cutting onions caused victim’s eye problem — Marwako supervisor

The Marwako restaurant supervisor, who is alleged to have dipped the face of a female worker into pepper, claims that any eye complication that the victim might have had is as a result of cutting onions.

According to Jihad Chaaban, he saw the victim, Evelyn Boakye, crying and when he asked her what was wrong, she told him that the tears were caused by onions she was cutting.

Chaaban made the claim during his cross-examination at the Abeka District Court yesterday in the trial in which he has pleaded not guilty to three counts of causing harm, assault and offensive conduct.

The prosecutor, Chief Inspector Hoyt Armah, then asked Chaaban why he gave money to another worker to buy medicine at a pharmacy shop to treat Evelyn’s eyes if he (Chaaban) had not dipped her face into pepper.

Chaaban answered that he did that because he wanted the pharmacy to ascertain the true state of Evelyn’s condition and if possible prescribe the appropriate treatment.
Chief Inspector Armah further asked the accused if Evelyn had ever demanded money from him for anything prior to or after the alleged incident, to which Chaaban answered in the negative.


Yesterday’s hearing saw the prosecution bringing its cross-examination of Chaaban to a close.

Chaaban gave his evidence-in-chief and also answered the cross-examination in Arabic, which was translated into English by a court-appointed interpreter.
Chaaban claimed that although he understood English, he could express himself better in Arabic.

Hearing continues on June 15, 2017, when Chaaban’s legal team is expected to present two witnesses as part of its case.


The facts, according to the prosecution, were that Chaaban is the branch manager of the Abelemkpe branch of Marwako Restaurant, while the complainant, Evelyn Boakye, worked at the Rice Department of the restaurant.

On February 26, 2017, the prosecution said Evelyn was instructed by her supervisor to assist at the Vegetable Department by blending fresh pepper.

As she was performing the task, Chaaban entered the room with rage and shouted at her, demanding who had given her the authority to use the blender.

“Chaaban became offended, started insulting Evelyn and called her a prostitute. Not satisfied, he held her head and forced it into the blended pepper, which splashed into her face and eyes,” the prosecution said.

Evelyn, he said, became helpless and was assisted by some workers of the restaurant to go home.

The prosecution said on February 28, Evelyn’s condition deteriorated and she reported the matter to the Tesano Police.




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