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Cocoa sector cushioned as, “Cocoa Nti” Fertilizer introduced to boost cocoa production by AMG.

“Cocoa Nti” is a newly cocoa fertilizer produced by the Agricultural Manufacturing Group (AMG).

This product is uniquely designed to significantly increase the productivity of the country’s cocoa farmers and the yields they achieve. “Cocoa Nti” is radically and resiliently different from existing fertilizers available to Ghanaian farmers and the Ghanaian market.

Unlike conventional fertilizers, “Cocoa Nti” has been specially and tactfully designed to generate more revenue for the cocoa farmer by inducing the Cocoa tree itself to fully realize its potential yield, regardless of all external conditions.
Hence the “Cocoa Nti” campaign in collaboration with the Cocoa Research Institute (CRIG) is aimed primarily at educating cocoa farmers about the right application procedures that will engender higher yields that will ultimately give them more revenue for livelihood empowerment.

The Agricultural Manufacturing Group, has been holding public sensitization programs and town hall meetings to enlighten Cocoa farmers and stakeholders about the usefulness and viability of this latest arrival unto the local markets.

Below is a profile of thesis and questionnaires propounded by the Agricultural Manufacturing Group on the “Cocoa Nti” Fertilizer, newly introduced Product, which would be illicitly by the farmers and stakeholders as they makes strides in their regional based trend sensitization program of the product.

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Likely Q&As:

1. What’s the inspiration for the name Cocoa Nti?
2. Kindly tell us why cocoa farmers should rejoice on the arrival of this product?
3. What key elements or constituents make Cocoa Nti fertilizer unique
4. How are farmers going to benefit from its application?
5. How will cocoa farmers and retailers access the Cocoa Nti fertilizer?
6. Your final words…
1. What does a product like Cocoa Nti mean for the Cocoa Industry?
2. What are the criteria for a product like this to meet certified standards?
3. How will this cocoa sensitization campaign help farmers to achieve yield?
4. Can you kindly highlight the application procedure for farmers…
5. Per the current state of our cocoa industry, how will a unique product like Cocoa Nti impact on farmer yield?
6. How are you as a research org, partnering developers like AMG to bring innovative products like Cocoa Nti to the Ghanaian farmer?




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