Friday , November 16 2018 11:08 pm
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Emotional Affair Is ‘Cheating’ Too

An emotional attachment is the bond of inner security, trust and confidence we build with people or things. It is that which makes you want to share the extra things and the more intimate part of yourself without the fear of betrayal or mistrust. When we are emotionally attached to …

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Zimbabwe moves to scrap bride price

A female lawyer in Zimbabwe has mounted a legal challenge to abolish lobola, or the bride price, saying it is an outdated practice which reduces women to mere “properties”, the state-run Herald newspaper reports. Priccilar Vengesai believes that if the custom is maintained, the families of both the bride and …

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4m suffer from Diabetes

A careful research conducted by the National Diabetes Association (NDA) has revealed that not less than four million Ghanaians are currently suffering from diabetes. According to NDA, three out of every nine people are suffering from the life threatening condition across the country, resulting in over 5, 000 deaths every …

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