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Bride dumped days before wedding ‘marries’ her dog instead

A woman who was cruelly dumped just days before her wedding day decided to go ahead with the ceremony anyway – with her DOG replacing her husband-to-be.

Romina Pitton was faced with either cancelling her big day or going ahead with it anyway as a single girl – so she chose the latter, albeit with a twist.

Refusing to dwell on the end of her relationship, Romina, from Argentina, decided to celebrate being single with her pet dog Regina instead.

No man required: Romina took her dog to her wedding day after being dumped (Facebook/Romina PItton)

With Romina in her wedding dress and Regina dressed up to the nines, the day was still the magical event that had been planned all along – despite no one actually tying the knot.

Romina told The Dodo: “Regina is affectionate in the saddest moments. She loves wearing dresses and is very content.”

Guests turned up to celebrate the day with the couple, and it all went off as planned, minus a husband.

Romina added on Facebook: “I’m still happy for having carried out my party in spite of the groom.”

And who needs a groom when you have a stylish pooch?

Source: Yahoo

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