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Asamoah Gyan: Sarah Kwabla has not changed me; I still welcome girls who link up on social media

Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan has explained that, his sexual escapade with 22-year-old Sarah Kwabla in 2015, and the subsequent rape accusation, coupled with the media exposure has not changed his attitude towards women who contact him on social media.

He said even though the incident changed him slightly, in the immediate aftermath, he has returned to his normal self with the belief that, not all women are like Sarah Kwabla.

Sometime after the incident, Gyan said he imposed a barrier between himself and women, and did not entertain them but on hindsight, he came to the conclusion that episode should not block the “chance” of other ladies.

According to him, some ladies have genuine reasons wanting to get close to him, and require help, they therefore do not deserve to be ignored simply because of someone else’s episode.

Asked if he receives many friend request on social media from women, Gyan said an unaccountable number at all times, and thinks it was “normal.”

Would you say after Sarah Kwabla, you are still cheating on your wife, Gyan answered: I still speak to a number of people [ladies], and added he has nothing to hide and would be truthful. It was through the same way that I met Sarah Kwabla, he said.

“My wife loves me, and knows I am an open person who speaks his mind,” he said.

He admitted he comes under pressure from women with love proposals but said it depends on how he handles them.

On why it took him a long time before it became public knowledge that he had a wife, Gyan said it was because they were not officially married but had been dating since 2003.

He said it was after 12 years of dating that they officially got married and so he made it public afterwards, but added he does not want his family to be in the limelight.

Is he not concerned that his sexual escapades with other girls may expose his wife to danger, Gyan said “no.”

“I am very healthy”, he said and added footballers go through health screening every two months and so he was sure he was healthy.

If he detects he has been infected with any disease after a blood test, Gyan said he could easily tell who infected him because of the regular tests, and would therefore not put his wife at risk.

“I am confident I am clean,” he laughed.





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