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Appointing Ministers from parliament breeds corruption, Hon. George Kuntu Blankson

A founding member of the NDC,  Hon. George Kuntu Blankson, who is also a former  Member of Parliament for the Ekumfi Constituency says the appointment of Ministers from Parliament is one of the major sources of corruption in parliament. He has called for immediate end to the practice. In his view this will enable Government get Individuals who are committed and passionate about their call as parliamentarians , and end executive control of the legislature, which ought to be separated in function and personal from the order arms of government to ensure efficiency.
The former majority chief whip who was in parliament from 2005 to 2012 was speaking on the recent  bribery allegations that has embroid parliament on 360 politics with Akyena Brantuo on Friday 17th February 2017 on Ahotor Fm.
He added that people are motivated to come to parliament owing to the luxury and wealth that being appointed as a  minister comes with.
These are not parliamentarians at heart. But corrupt laden hearts using parliament to further their trade . He complained
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