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“Anointing oils” are source of Witchcraft-Former Occult Grandfather

It has become very common that many people believe in and talk about witchcraft, Even though people talk about witchcraft and have the faith that it does exist, many do not know where witchcraft comes from or how it is acquired. In an interview with Ahotor FM’s Onantefuor Addae-Munumkum on “Ewiase Mu Nsem”, former occult grandfather, Pastor Kumi Achiaw, stated that some people get witchcraft from pastors, unknowingly.

Explaining this, the man of God said that some pastors are occult members and these pastors initiate members of their churches into practicing witchcraft (without the knowledge of these church members). These according to him, they do by giving the members some so called “holy water” and “anointing oil”, which in real sense are not of God, for some special favours.

These members are initiated into witchcraft right after following the directions of the occult pastors and using the oil or water.

The man of God, who claims to have met Lucifer several times (in diverse ways), added that aside these occult pastors, there are “malams” and other spiritual people who also distribute witchcraft to people who go to them for spiritual aid (special powers, protection, wealth among others).

He further postulated that all such spiritual leaders are fake leaders and hence people should be very careful else they would be initiated into practicing witchcraft, even without their knowledge.

BY: Belinda Bekoe/

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