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All unmarried women in my church are virgins -Opanyin Abraham Kwaku Adusei.

It is a big debate as to whether virgins still exist in Ghana.
It does appear the issue has been settled by the General Superintendent of the Savior Church of Ghana, Opanyin Abraham Kwaku Adusei. 

He did not mince words when he said:

‘all the unmarried members of my congregation are virgins.’

This claim has since been attested to by several members of the church who got married as virgins and those waiting to be married to on Ahotor 92.3fm.

Opanyin Adusei who is also a former member of the Council Of State and the World Best Cocoa Farmer and the National Best Cocoa Farmer for the years 2014 and 2013 respectively made these remarks on Ahotor Fm’s Heroes Of Our Time with Akyena Brantuo on Wednesday 1st March 2017.

Explaining the church’s doctrine which produces virgins, Opanyin Adusei admitted that ‘ the  principles of the church is not easy. And that it is  different from all other churches. ‘


He adds that once you join the Saviour Church of Ghana, ‘you must first confess all your previous sins to the pastor before being baptized and you are never expected to go back to them again.

‘And one of the principles of the church is that ‘you cannot have sex if you are not married in our church. If caught you are driven out.  ‘ He added.

Asked how they detect those in fornication he said ‘ I can say with emphasis that fornicators cannot stay in the church. You cannot hide it if you sin in our church.’ Indeed those who are not caught get so uncomfortable that they leave voluntarily or immediately come up to confess their sins. ‘

‘Our moral values are very high. Our church command is like military command’ however our teachings are not ours but from the bible.’

We believe that you are heading somewhere after your death. And we prepare you for that journey after here.’ He adds that the spirit of God does not live in sin. ‘ So those who claim to have the spirit of God must live above reproach, for we have the Spirit of God which help us. We cannot hide under grace and sin. For we live not in the flesh but in the spirit and  spirit living is a life without sin. ‘ He concluded.

To members of the Savior Church who called to attest to the claims of their head pastor,  the said teachings have guided them from not just sexual immorality but sexually transmitted disease,  and it’s attendant problems.

The Savior Church of Ghana is an indigenous Ghanaian Church, started by one Prophet Samuel Brako in 1922 in Osiem, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, where the church is headquartered.

The church lives by the 10 commandments given by God through Moses for the Israelites as espouse in Exodus 20. Hence Saturday is their Sabbath. The church boast of some 500, 000 congregation across the country.

Its philosophy of self reliance means that no pastor is paid and nobody can stay in the church if they are unemployed.

The Church has several schools including a nursing training college. The church also has several clinics, hospitals and now a bank.

Looking for a virgin to marry or want to know how they look like?  Please visit the Savior Church of Ghana but you must be a member of the church to qualify to marry any.


Akyena Brantuo Benjamin ||Ghana

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  1. Waaw that’s the church with high moral standards

  2. It is God who gives us the strenght. Thanks Op. Abraham

  3. “Indeed the spirit of almighty God is always with us…”

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